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Blog #2: Food for Thought

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Blog #1: Unveiling the facts


Don’t know where to start when planning your

Wedding planning can be very overwhelming especially when you nor your fiancé knows where to begin. You will also come across a lot of information from everywhere such a social media, friends, family, magazines, the list goes on. First, you both need to establish a budget and BE REALISTIC. Do the proper research and determine what you want to spend and whether family will contribute.

Why should you hire an Event Planner?

Next, hire an experienced event planner. This would be an investment for wedding planning. Be sure to include in your budget funds to pay your planner fee. This will be your greatest asset knowing that the day you’ve been waiting for, you have the ring and you’re engaged! Now, let’s start planning. From the day of booking with your planner to the day of your special day, your planner will be creative in cultivating your vision for the wedding of your dreams leaving you stress free with more time to enjoy your engagement.

Having a wedding planner will get the ball in motion by hiring vendors to suit your style and budget and help you find the perfect venue if you haven’t done so already.

Are you being clear about what you want?

You want to make sure you have a clear and open communication with your fiancé, family, and friends that will be part of your wedding. Know what you want and what you don’t want. Things can go wrong real fast and be costly if you’re not clear and direct. Also, your engagement should be exciting and you should make each other a priority and not lose sight of your marriage that’s ahead. This day should be all about you two and spending it with your family and close friends or making it intimate and memorable. Stay within your budget and not compete with social media trends and what or who will look best and instead focus and don’t lose sight of what really matters which is; the Marriage!

Have you said “Yes” to a dress?

Next, finding a dress can be stressful, especially if you wait too long to find one. The earlier you shop, the better. And don’t worry about not finding that dress you always dreamed of. When you find that dress, you will know. Be sure to make your purchase early enough and not have to worry about expedite fees for waiting too long.

How do you want to feel on your wedding day?

Whether the celebration is indoor or outdoor, you always want to create that WOW factor. To do that, we first start with the ceremony if you both choose to have one. This should be memorable and designed with intention. Always plan with your guest experience in mind. You want your celebration to be an impactful one and focus on Ambiance and simple little details not only for the ceremony but also for the reception. Creating a great experience for your guest gives them a feel and experience of how you both feel.

Good News or Blog News?

Still not sure where to begin after you’ve said YES. There are a million questions you will ask and decisions to make. Continue to follow Shavon Events for inspirations and tips on your events. Let’s create memories together.

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